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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs!

Embarrassed by your "man boobs"? These 3 tips will help...

I've been getting a LOT of emails over the years about what us guys call "man boobs".

You know, like what causes them...and especially, how to get RID of them!

It's really NOT a funny situation for those guys who suffer from it and it can be quite embarrassing when you’re in a social situation (like the beach) when you’re “expected” to take your shirt off like the beach, a friend’s pool party, or the rent-a-stripper job you took on the weekends for some extra dough.

"Man boobs" (actually a condition called "gynecomastia") is caused by a hormone imbalance in the body and can affect men at any age, but particularly for guys “over 40” who are experiencing a natural reduction in testosterone and may have more estrogen due to higher levels of body fat.

You see, just as women have a larger chest due to estrogen, when guys start to gain more fat, they too produce more of this female hormone.

So basically, just as if a woman were to take male hormones she would grow a mustache, if you're a guy and experiencing lower testosterone or higher than average estrogen levels, then,'re gonna grow something else!

Fortunately there IS a way to get rid of "man boobs"!

Here are a few techniques...

Naturally Increase Testosterone

You don’t have to settle for a trickle of “man hormones” like testosterone.  There are plenty of natural ways to increase testosterone in your body without having to resort to hormone replacement therapy.

For one, try supplementing with about 50mg of zinc on an empty stomach before bed.  Zinc is a necessary mineral for the production of testosterone and nearly all of us are deficient in it thanks to poorer quality food coming off our farms.

In addition, strength training is one of the most powerful methods of naturally increasing testosterone because it creates a “demand” for more to be produced to build muscle.

In fact, my Optimum Anabolics program was specifically created to use what I call “natural hormone triggers” to dramatically increase testosterone and growth hormone (by as much as 1,000%!).

Guys with “man boobs” who have used this program have had incredible results with it.

Burn More Body Fat

Boobs are fatty tissue so the more fat you have, the bigger your boobs are going to get.

Drop the fat and you’ll start to see the natural reduction in the amount of fat you carry in you chest...plain and simple.

Add More Muscle To Your Chest

At the same time as you’re reducing the fat in your chest, you should start building up the muscle mass as well.

This will help you to expand the tissue in that area as you basically stretch it from the inside with the increase in muscle.

The 2 exercises I like best for this are the Parallel Bar Dips (works lower chest) and the Dumbbell Pullover (works upper chest).  Adding both of these to your “chest day” in the gym will attack your chest muscle from both ends and really help you gain some serious muscle mass in your chest.

Man Boob SecretsBoob-Specific Solutions

A friend of mine actually built an entire website dedicated to “man boobs” where he goes into more specific details about how to combat “gyno” and get rid of a saggy, female-like chest.

I’ve actually ordered the program and it’s very good!  You can check it out at...

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